Wolf to Woof

June 9 - September 16, 2012

The largest and most comprehensive travelling exhibition on the history, biology and evolution of dogs, Wolf to Woof sniffs out the facts on man's best friend. This exhibit has four themed sections including multi-media displays, artifacts, photo murals and dioramas along with interactive, hands-on components.

For centuries, dogs and people have worked side by side. Dogs have served as hunters, herders, warriors. Over time, the breeding of domestic dogs has resulted in animals whose size, temperament and loyalty made them far better suited as human companions than as members of a pack. Dog breeders would select for physical traits like size and hunting ability, and also for personality traits that make a dog trainable, friendly, communicative and loyal. They were bred for speed, stamina, aggression, strength or size. Dogs were also bred for looks and style.

While most dogs today hold the primary role of pet and friend, some will work as assistants for people with disabilities or as important members of search and rescue teams.

No other single species in the animal kingdom has their variety of shapes and sizes and no other has captured our hearts quite like the dog!

Best Buddy Contest

Royal Alberta Museum and Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society got together and created the Best Buddy Contest. The top 30 dogs from this contest now have their photos and stories proudly displayed in the entrance to the exhibition for Wolf to Woof: The Story of Dogs. To see the 30 winning dogs and also the dog that inspired the contest, visit our Facebook page. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to view our page but we'd love it if you'd join and "like" us!

Also please note: If you entered a dog and he/she isn't on our wall, you can still see your pooch on our TV slide presentation in the Museum Café!

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