Royal Alberta Museum
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Transition FAQ

When will education programs at the current museum conclude?

Edukits and Remkits will remain available for loan from our Glenora site during closure.

When will programs start at the new museum?

We will begin some programming soon after the new museum opens and will continue to create new programs from that point on.

Will you be doing outreach programs or working with schools and groups during the closure?

We will be testing and piloting new concepts and programming ideas during the closure by both visiting schools and inviting schools and groups to visit us as long as possible. Stay tuned for future plans and be sure to sign up for regular updates and piloting opportunities. Email to sign up.

What kinds of new museum programs will you offer?

It is too early in the transition process to say. We hope that as we test and pilot program concepts, we will be able to answer this better in the future.

Will you be providing any outreach programs while the museum is closed?

Although we will be testing and piloting new concepts and programming ideas by visiting schools and inviting schools to visit us when appropriate, there are currently no plans to do outreach. Please check back.

How can I volunteer to get my class involved in program testing?

Provide us with your name and email so that we can contact you with program piloting opportunities. Email to volunteer.

How can I stay informed?

Keep checking our website for progress reports.

Where is the new museum located?

The new museum is currently under construction at 103A Avenue, between 97 Street and 99 Street, in the heart of Edmonton's downtown arts district.

At the new museum site, where will buses park? Where will students be dropped off?

There will be no on-site bus parking at the new museum. There will, however, be a drop off zone and separate entrance for school groups on the SE corner of the building.

At the new museum site, is there a special drop-off area for people with mobility issues?

Yes. There will be a drop off zone and separate entrance for those with mobility issues.

How will the new museum benefit students and school groups?

By providing relevant and inspiring curriculum-related programs as well as opportunities for students to engage in self-directed, inquiry-based learning projects.