General Coordination: Dr W. Bruce McGillivray, The Royal Alberta Museum Edmonton, Alberta

Research Team: Graham Mitchell-Lawson and Kim Chapman responsible for: Storyboard and Production, Technical Team, Computer Graphics, Programming, Script Editing, Illustrations.

Translation: Thanks to CHIN for French translation by André Taillefer and Benoît Thouin.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their help on this project -

Dr Alwynne Beaudoin Dr Yves Beaudoin Maggie Ballantyne
Ginny Toogood Dr Jocelyn Hudon Ken McCarthy
Greg Baker Gary Erickson Stuart Heard
Alberta Environmental Protection    Ducks Unlimited, Oak Hammock Marsh    Federation of Alberta Naturalists   

Photographic Credits: Digital photos were captured by Graham Mitchell-Lawson and Kim Chapman. Field photos, courtesy of the The Royal Alberta Museum, E.T. Jones collection.

Finally, we would like to thank Kim Gauvin and Danielle Boily from CHIN for the opportunity to participate in this Young Canada Works in Science and Technology project.