Respecting the Wreck

porthole from the Empress
Dianne Martiny Strong and husband, Ronald D. Strong, with the first porthole ever recovered from the Empress, 1972. Courtesy of Dianne M. Strong.

Diving the Empress of Ireland wreck is challenging and dangerous. The waters of the St. Lawrence are very cold and sediment reduces visibility. The river's depth and current also pose problems for divers.

From the first professional divers sent by the CPR's insurance company to the recreational divers and collectors of the late 20th Century, individuals exploring the Empress of Ireland wreck have recovered countless artifacts. Six divers have lost their lives.

graphic of the collision
Diving instructor Martin Dupuis and first time Empress diver Mireille Dallaire. Courtesy of Rob Rondeau, ProCom Diving.

last review/update: Jun. 11, 2015