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In 1206, a man known as Temujen was crowned Genghis Khan - "emperor of all emperors". His mounted Mongol army swept out of the steppes of Asia in an apocalyptic wave to conquer two thirds of the known world. Recent finds in the arid lands of Inner Mongolia are casting a new light on Genghis Khan. Although he was a conquering emperor, Genghis Khan was also a supreme military strategist and clever politician. He was the product of a rich cultural and artistic heritage dating back 6000 years.

The Provincial Museum of Alberta was the last stop on a world tour of an exhibition that featured archaeological treasures from one of the greatest empires in history. Boasting rare artifacts that date from 2000 B.C. to 1300 A.D., GENGHIS KHAN: TREASURES OF INNER MONGOLIA ran from March 22 to July 6 1997.

This stunning international exhibit displayed silk garments, solid-gold ornaments, rare porcelain wares, a full-size painted coffin found in a 10th century tomb, gold saddle ornaments, intricate bronze statues, and priceless funeral paintings. Many of the objects were from recent archaeological excavations and had never before been shown outside of Mongolia - until this tour.

Consult the following pages for background and information on the exhibit:

[Genghis Khan exhibit logo] Picture gallery: a glimpse of some of the stunning artifacts from the exhibit
Who was Genghis Khan?
Inner Mongolia: where is it?
Timeline: historical events
InfoBytes: interesting facts and figures
Follow-up: links for topics in the exhibit

GENGHIS KHAN: TREASURES OF INNER MONGOLIA was produced by the People's Republic of China, in association with The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. TELUS, Canadian Airlines International, ITV and The Edmonton Journal joined with The Provincial Museum in giving visitors a glimpse of life on the steppes of Inner Mongolia.

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