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Archaeological Investigations at Hudson's Bay Company Fort Edmonton V

Heinz Pyszczyk, formerly Historic Archaeologist at The Provincial Museum of Alberta, conducted archaeological investigations at the Hudson's Bay Company fur trade site, Fort Edmonton V (1830—1907 beginning in 1992. This important fur trade site, located on the Alberta Legislature grounds in Edmonton, was ideal for promoting archaeology and history to the general public. Fort Edmonton also served as the archaeology field school for the Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta, for four years. In 1995, The Provincial Museum ofAlberta implemented a public archaeology program to celebrate Edmonton's 200th anniversary as a community. Participants were instructed how to properly excavate and record archaeological remains, shown fur trade archaeological collections at the museum, and briefed on the history of the site. During four yearsof work, archaeologists recovered over 50,000 artifacts, in addition to a considerable amount of structural information, from this famous fur trade site.

The site also generated considerable research by students from the Department of Anthropology, and faculty from other departments of the University of Alberta. In particular, Lisa Mutch and Tracy Bissett, Department of Anthropology, conducted a detailed survey of the public's perception of archaeology through the public archaeology program. Jordan Sharon, Department of Anthropology, conducted a detailed soils analysis to help understand the site's very complex stratigraphic record. Dr Edo Nyland, Department of Physics, University of Alberta, conducted non-invasive studies at the Fort Edmonton V site. In particular, Dr Nyland carried out an extensive magnetometer survey of most of the site. Some of these findings are described in a preliminary report.


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Pyszczyk, Heinz W. (1996) Archaeology Guide and Tour of Greater Edmonton Area. 57 pp. Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, and Strathcona Archaeological Society, Edmonton. ($5.00 Can.) This booklet contains much interesting information and pictures of Fort Edmonton and many other archaeological sites in the greater Edmonton area. [Available through the Museum Shop]

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