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K. E. Wright-Fedyniak
Acting Curator, Archaeology
Phone: 825-468-6237

Kristine Wright-Fedyniak received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Alberta, in addition to a B.A. and M.A. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University. Kris is an Assistant Curator, Archaeology, responsible for maintaining and curating the archaeological collections at the Museum and warehouses. In addition, she is the section loans officer, and maintains the comparative faunal collection. Kris has participated in and supervised archaeological excavations in Alberta and British Columbia. Her interests include the Protohistoric/Historic periods, the visibility of children in the archaeological record, lithics, zooarchaeology, trade in Alberta, conservation, and cultural resource management.

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R. Dawe
Inventory Curator
Phone: 825-468-6238

Bob Dawe is an assistant archaeologist and is responsible for maintaining the collections of artifacts at the Museum. Bob is most familiar with the thousands of archaeological artifacts that are kept at Royal Alberta Museum and at warehouses. Bob supervises many of the volunteers who work in the archaeology field. He also assists the Archaeology Curator with field work, and he has participated on many digs. Bob's personal interest is with stone tools. He is familiar with the making and using of stone tools, and the ancient styles of tools made and used by Aboriginal people.

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Karen Giering
Curatorial Assistant, Archaeology
Phone: 825-468-6214

Karen received her BA from the University of Alberta and MA from the University of Cincinnati. Karen works on maintaining and curating the museum's archaeological collections. She also prepares loans of the archaeological artifacts to individuals and institutions for display, teaching and research. Karen also assists the curator with field work and research. She has worked on archaeological excavations in Greece, Cyprus, the US and Canada. Current research interests include ground stone tools, the use of plant resources by ancient peoples, tipi rings, and Bronze Age ceramics from Greece.

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J. W. Brink
Curator Emeritus, Archaeology

Jack Brink is Archaeology Curator at the Royal Alberta Museum. He received his B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and his M.A. from the University of Alberta. His interests include cultural resource management, Plains archaeology, communal hunting, faunal analysis, large mammal behaviour and anatomy, and Aboriginal relations with archaeology.

Current long term projects include the analysis and reporting of archaeological materials from the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump site, a study of recording and preserving rock art images at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, and developing sound relations between Aboriginal groups of Alberta and the archaeological community. Personal interests include continuing study of large mammal bioenergetics in relation to human hunting and consumption strategies.

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