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Cultural Communities

Communities are created through shared traditions, beliefs and experiences. These bonds can be based on ethnicity, religion, education, or any combination of social and cultural factors. Over the past 100 years, Alberta's many communities have shaped the history of the province and in turn have been changed by the other cultures they have encountered here. The Cultural Communities program seeks to work with communities to collect and preserve the stories and experience of the distinct groups that have contributed to Alberta's dynamic history and share what we learn through outreach programs, publications and exhibitions.

The future of the Cultural Communities collection lies in obtaining artefacts from all of the ethnic communities who have settled in the province. We are particularly interested in acquiring objects from the Vietnamese, Filipino, Latino and Somali communities, which are currently not represented in the museum's collection.

Do you have your old suitcase? Do you have the clothes that you or any member of your family arrived in? Do you have any of those things that your family brought from your home countries because you thought you just couldn't live without them? Take a look in your basement—we would like to collect these things and your stories of arriving in Alberta.

If you have objects that you would like to donate, please contact the Curator, Cultural Communities.