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The First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act (FNSCORA) is provincial repatriation legislation that applies to the Government of Alberta's collections at Royal Alberta Museum and the Glenbow Museum. The purpose of the Act is to place those sacred ceremonial objects that are vital to the practice of traditional ceremonies back into active use. Items of personal or familial significance do not meet the criteria outlined in the Act, and therefore are not considered appropriate objects for repatriation.

The FNSCOR Act is enabling legislation. This means that apart from 251 Glenbow museum artifacts repatriated at the time of its Royal Assent in 2000 no further repatriation could occur without regulations. The Act came into force in 2004 with the proclamation of the first regulation, which was for the Blackfoot.

The Blackfoot First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Regulation was developed in close consultation with ceremonialists from the three Alberta Blackfoot First Nations. It outlines a repatriation procedure that complies with the First Nations Sacred Ceremonial Objects Repatriation Act. Consultations regarding FNSCORA are on-going with First Nations elsewhere in Alberta. These discussions are not as advanced as they are for the Blackfoot, and in many cases there are no sacred ceremonial objects to repatriate.

If you would like to access online downloadable versions of the FNSCOR Act and the Regulation, please see:

You may also download a copy of the application form for repatriating Blackfoot sacred ceremonial objects.