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Human History Publications

Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta: Five Hundred Generations
by Susan Berry and Jack Brink. vii + 81 pp. The Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, and Syncrude. 2004. ($9.95 Can.)

Archaeology Occasional Papers

No. 1. Archaeology in Alberta, 1975. Compiled by J. Michael Quigg and W. J. Byrne. 115 pp. 1976. (Out of Print)

No. 2. Archaeological Research in Northern Alberta, 1975. By Paul F. Donahue. 154 pp. 1976. (Out of Print)

No. 3. Prehistoric Survey of the Lower Red Deer River. By Gary Adams. 140 pp. 1976. (Out of Print)

No. 4. Archaeology in Alberta, 1976. Compiled by J. Michael Quigg. 103 pp. 1977. (Out of Print)

No. 5. Archaeology in Alberta, 1977. Compiled by W. J. Byrne. 141 pp. 1978. (Out of Print)

No. 6. Early Cultures of the Clearwater River Area, Northeastern Alberta. By John Pollock. 160 pp. 1978. (Out of Print)

No. 7. Studies in Archaeology, Highway 1A, Coal Creek, Alberta. By Michael McIntyre. 171 pp. 1978. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 8. The Lazy Dog Tipi Ring Site. By J. Michael Quigg. 49 pp. 1978. (Bound with No. 9). (Out of Print)

No. 9. The Alkali Creek Sites: The Lower Red Deer River. By Gary Adams. 127 pp. 1978. (Bound with No. 8). (Out of Print)

No. 10. Cypress Hills Ethnology and Ecology: A Regional Perspective. By Rob Bonnichsen and S. J. Baldwin. 87 pp. 1978. (Out of Print)

No. 11. The Elk Point Burial: At the Place of the Willows. By Stuart J. Baldwin. 74 pp. 1978. (Out of Print)

No. 12. Archaeological Investigations at Writing-On-Stone. By J. W. Brink. 73 pp. 1979. (Bound with No. 13). (Out of Print)

No. 13. Stone Circles at Chin Coulee. By James H. Calder. 70 pp. 1979. (Out of Print)

No. 14. Archaeology in Alberta, 1978. Compiled by J. M. Hillerud. 192 pp. 1979. (Out of Print)

No. 15. Archaeology in Alberta, 1979. Compiled by Paul. F. Donahue. 226 pp. 1980. (Out of Print)

No. 16. The Cochrane Ranche Site. By Roderick J. Heitzmann. 202 pp. 1980. (Out of Print)

No. 17. Archaeology in Alberta, 1980. Compiled by Jack Brink. 202 pp. 1981. (Out of Print)

No. 18. Prehistoric Cultural Dynamics of the Lac La Biche Region. By Edward J. McCullough. 166 pp. 1982. (Out of Print)

No. 19. Archaeology in Alberta, 1981. Compiled by Jack Brink. 208 pp. 1982. (Out of Print)

No. 20. Culture Change in the Northern Plains: 1000 B.C. - A. D. 1000. By Brian O. K. Reeves. 390 pp. 1983. (Out of Print)

No. 21. Archaeology in Alberta, 1982. Compiled by David Burley. 222 pp. 1983. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 22. Sibbald Creek: 11,000 Years of Human Use of the Alberta Foothills. By Eugene M. Gryba. 219 pp. 1983. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 23. Archaeology in Alberta, 1983. Compiled by David Burley. 256 pp. 1984. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 24. Communal Buffalo Hunting Among the Plains Indians. By Eleanor Verbicky-Todd. 262 pp. 1984. (Out of Print)

No. 25. Archaeology in Alberta, 1984. Compiled by David Burley. 277 pp. 1985. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 26. Contributions to Plains Prehistory. Edited by David Burley. 284 pp. 1985. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 27. Alberta Plains Prehistory: A Review. By J. Roderick Vickers. 139 pp. 1986. (Bound with No. 28). (Out of Print)

No. 28. Dog Days in Southern Alberta. By Jack Brink. 70 pp. 1986. (Bound with No. 27). (Out of Print)

No. 29. Archaeology in Alberta, 1985. Compiled by John W. Ives. 287 pp. 1986. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 30. Eastern Slopes Prehistory: Selected Papers. Edited by Brian Ronaghan. 405 pp. 1986. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 31. Archaeology in Alberta, 1986. Compiled by Martin Magne. 302 pp. 1987. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 32. Archaeology in Alberta, 1987. Compiled by Martin Magne. 244 pp. 1988. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 33. Archaeology in Alberta, 1988 and 1989. Edited by Martin Magne. 427 pp. 1991. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 34. Archaeological Investigations at Historic Waterhole. By Walt Kowal. 306 pp. 1992. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 35. Late Quaternary Studies in Beringia and Beyond, 1950-1993: An Annotated Bibliography. By Alwynne B. Beaudoin and Frances D. Reintjes. 386 pp. 1994. ($14.95 Can.)

Archaeology Manuscript Series

No. 1. Final Report of the 1983 Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta. By Jack Brink, Milt Wright, Bob Dawe and Doug Glaum. 373 pp. 1985. (Out of Print)

No. 2. FjPi-29, A Prehistoric Workshop Site in the Alberta Parklands. By Barry Newton and John W. Pollock. 119 pp. 1985. (Bound with Nos. 3 and 4) (Out of Print)

No. 3. The Results of Mitigative Excavations During the Fall of 1979. Strathcona Science Park Archaeological Site (FjPi-29). By John W. Ives. 108 pp. 1985. (Bound with Nos. 2 and 4). (Out of Print)

No. 4. Archaeological Investigation at the Strathcona Science Park Site (FjPi-29). By Heinz Pyszczyk. 223 pp. 1985. (Bound with Nos. 2 and 3). (Out of Print)

No. 5. A Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distribution on a Boreal Forest Archaeological Site. By John W. Ives. 167 pp. 1985. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 6. The Archaeology of the Victoria Post, 1864-1897. By Michael R. A. Forsman. 225 pp. 1985. (Out of Print)

No. 7. Hawkwood Site (EgPm-179): A Mult-Component Prehistoric Campsite on Nose Hill. By Stan Van Dyke and Sally Stewart. 224 pp. 1985. (Out of Print)

No. 8. Blackfoot Ethnography By Kenneth E. Kidd. 217 pp. 1986. (Out of Print)

No. 9. Final Report of the 1984 Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta. By Jack Brink, Milt Wright, Bob Dawe, and Doug Glaum. 445 pp. 1986 (Out of Print)

No. 10. Ross Glen: A Besant Stone Circle Site in Southeastern Alberta. By J. Michael Quigg. 208 pp. 1986. (Out of Print)

No. 11. A Selected Bibliography of Historic Artifacts: C. 1760-1920. By Mary Margaret Smith and Heinz Pyszczyk. 325 pp. 1988. (Out of Print)

No. 12. Medicine Wheels on the Northern Plains: A Summary and Appraisal. By John H. Brumley. 126 pp. 1988 (reprinted 1996). (Out of Print)

No. 13. Historical Resource Investigations Within the Forty Mile Coulee Reservoir. By John H. Brumley and Barry J. Dau. 370 pp. 1988. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 14. The Ross Site (DlPd-3) 1980 Archaeological Research. By J. Roderick Vickers. 158 pp. 1988. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 15. Annotated Bibliography: Late Quaternary Studies in Alberta's Western Corridor, 1950-1988. By Alwynne B. Beaudoin. 362 pp. 1989. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 16. Final Report of the 1985 and 1986 Field Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta. By Jack Brink and Bob Dawe. 358 pp. 1989. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 17. The Cranford Site (DlPb-2) A Multicomponent Stone Circle Site on the Oldman River. By Glenn S. L. Stuart. 225 pp. plus appendices. 1990. ($10.00 Can.)

Archaeology Miscellaneous Paper

No. 2. Fort George and the Early Fur Trade in Alberta. By Robert S. Kidd. 237 pp. 1970. (Out of Print)

Other Archaeology Publications

Archaeology Guide and Tour of Greater Edmonton Area. By Heinz W. Pyszczyk. 57 pp. 1996. The Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, and Strathcona Archaeological Society, Edmonton. ($5.00 Can.)

Human History Occasional Papers

No. 1. Faunal Remains From Fort White Earth N.W. Co. (1810-1813). By Isobel Hurlburt. 107 pp. 1977. ($10.00 Can.)

No. 3. Archaeological Investigations at the Probable Site of the First Fort Edmonton or Fort Augustus, 1795 to Early 1800s. By Robert S. Kidd. 149 pp. 1987. (Out of Print)

No. 4. The Buffalo Lake Métis Site: A Late Nineteenth Century Settlement in the Parkland of Central Alberta. By Maurice F. V. Doll, Robert S. Kidd, and John P. Day. 410 pp. 1988. (Out of Print)

No. 5. Eastern Christian Ritual: A Bibliography of English Language Sources. By David J. Goa and Anna E. Altmann. 121 pp. 1988. ($9.95 Can.)

Provincial Museum of Alberta Special Publications

No. 8. Lawrence D. Halmrast: Guardian of the Milk River. By Ellen Gasser. 68 p. 2001.