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Western Canadian History: Who's Who

Lucie Heins, Assistant Curator, Western Canadian History.
Phone: 825-468-6213

Lucie joined the Royal Alberta Museum in 2008. She has a B.Sc. and an M.A. in Human Ecology, majoring in clothing and textiles. For the previous three years, she was the manager of the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum (WDHM). This experience with a diverse community artifact collection serves her well in the Western Canadian History collection. Her most recent curatorial projects have included the "Origins" exhibition for the WDHM and the "What We Wore: 100 Years at the University of Alberta as Told Through Clothing", a University of Alberta centennial project.

Lucie has also been engaged in conservation projects, including work with the Southesk collection at the Royal Alberta Museum. She has worked at the Textile Museum in Washington DC, and in Haifa, Israel, at the Baha'i World Centre attending to the textile collection in their museum, the "International Archives", and eight historical houses.

Volunteer Corps
The Western Canadian History program is proud of its corps of volunteers who tackle an array of tasks. Currently, we have one volunteer dating, cataloguing and storing 500+ women's hats. Another has catalogued approximately 800 pairs of footwear. Two large collections of medical equipment are being tackled by a volunteer nurse. Other volunteers accession new material and input cataloguing information onto our collections database. Our warehouse space is currently being re-organized and rationalized. Volunteers have enabled the program to accomplish this project by building shelving, relocating artifacts and taking inventory.