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Botany: Collections

The collection is divided into two main sections reflecting the historical division of plants into vascular and cryptogamic forms. The vascular plant collection, of about 35,000 specimens, is largely of Alberta material although recent additions from Lakehead University have enhanced our representation of the eastern North American flora. Most vascular plants were collected by Royal Alberta Museum staff. The cryptogamic plant collection, mostly mosses and lichens, forms the largest part of the herbarium and comprises over 110,000 specimens in the main collection. This collection was significantly enhanced in 1995 with the acquisition of the University of Calgary's (UAC) cryptogams. While the bulk of The Provincial Museum's cryptogamic collection is from northwestern North America, Fennoscandian and Japanese flora are also well represented. Staff collections have added to the American southwest flora. An active exchange program in bryophytes is maintained. Loans are available.

For information on working with the collection, just contact the Curator, Botany.