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There are 51 native and eight successfully reproducing, introduced fish species known presently to occur in Alberta. The status of several others is uncertain, and a few exotic species occur in very restricted ranges (e.g., hot springs).

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The mainstem of the North Saskatchewan River contains a higher diversity of fish species than any other waterbody in the province. It is, in fact, a very productive system. The appearance of the water at some times of the year is due almost exclusively to natural processes.

Fish species one can expect to find in the North Saskatchewan River system from its headwaters to the Saskatchewan border include: Lake Sturgeon, Goldeye, Mooneye, Lake Chub, Pearl Dace, Emerald Shiner, River Shiner, Spottail Shiner, Northern Redbelly Dace, Finescale Dace, Fathead Minnow, Flathead Chub, Longnose Dace, Quillback, Longnose Sucker, White Sucker, Mountain Sucker, Silver Redhorse, Shorthead Redhorse, Northern Pike, Mountain Whitefish, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Bull Trout, Eastern Brook Trout, Trout-Perch, Burbot, Brook Stickleback, Spoonhead Sculpin, Iowa Darter, Sauger and Walleye.