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An old camera from the CFRN television studio.

About the Museum

Labour and Industry


From a Chinese family-operated grocery store, to the history of professional sports, from oil exploration to businesses responding to the Covid-19 pandemic; we collect the working history of the province. Our collection includes objects from rural and urban settings, from industry and retail, and from activities that depend on paid and unpaid labour. 

Highlights include: 

  • Broadcasting and media, including CFRN, Tree Frog Press, and early newspapers including a 1914 printing press from the Nanton News
  • The dairy industry, including early instructional equipment from Olds Agricultural College, trophies, early bottles, and shipping crates
  • Medicine, including nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and surgery
  • The pottery industry in northern and southern Alberta
  • The brewing industry 

We are always looking to add to our collection. We are especially interested in acquiring contemporary material, objects that can speak to unpaid labour, and objects from diverse communities around the province. If you have objects you think we might be interested in, email Jillian Richardson, Curator, Labour and Industry, or Nagwan Rostom Assistant Curator, Labour and Industry.