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photo of sample bones from the collection


Quaternary Palaeontology


Our Quaternary Palaeontology collections serve to document aspects of the shared natural heritage of Albertans and provide insight into a dynamic and complex Ice Age fossil record. Our researchers and other scientists from around the world study the collection, providing the basis for scientific research and museum narratives.

Our Quaternary Palaeontology collections are continuously growing, primarily as a result of our active research programs. Recent years have seen an increase in submissions related to Historic Resource Management and we work closely with stakeholders in industry and palaeontological consulting to ensure that Ice Age fossils found during construction and gravel extraction find their way to a permanent home.

Our collections are active! Beyond research applications, we regularly use portions of the collections for outreach events across the province and they serve as an important reference to help identify fossil remains found by the public. We also provide Ice Age fossils for display in other museums around Alberta and across Canada.

We're always on the lookout for new Ice Age fossil discoveries and localities. If you think you've found an Ice Age fossil please contact us.

The Quaternary Palaeontology program includes Dr. Chris Jass (Curator of Quaternary Palaeontology), Dr. Christina Barron-Ortiz (Assistant Curator), and Katherine Bramble (Regulatory Assistant).